About Rose Hankins, Owner and Founder

Years ago, I decided to go into the nursing field to help others. I was proud of how far I’d come, but I always wanted more – nothing was every enough. I opened a boutique that struggled and was hard to keep alive, as all entrepreneurs know. I gave up that dream and decided to pursue my nursing career. I soon discovered no one wanted to help themselves. I thought to myself, How can I help anyone if they won’t help themselves?

A few months later, I was asked to start a boot camp for women at a local gym. I said, “No, absolutely not!” I did not want to double my career, but I thought, What if I could help people who wanted to better themselves and make a living in the process? After praying about it for a long time, I quit my job and opened a boot camp with fifty members that rapidly grew to nearly 100 in the first month. I gave free diet plans and worked night and day to give diets, workouts and encouragement.

About five months later, someone said, “Please cook my food for a week!” Soon, I was making 200 meals a week, creating gourmet health food for people wanting to change.

God provided my passion with business backing, and I found where I’m meant to be. I am way too blessed to be stressed, ever! Don’t dream your life, live your dream! I’m living proof that dreams come true!

Rose Hankins