Twisted Tips



  • In your bag you might notice that you have double the amount of breakfast, however that is not true. Follow the directions below.
  • Pick a protein box over 10g. Example: egg whites, casserole, quiche, etc
  • Pick a carb box: Example: oats, bagel, french toast, toast, potatoes,granola,etc
  • Some boxes might contain both so this means it is 1 complete breakfast. Example: french toast is just 1



  • In your bag you will notice there are boxes with 2 items and some boxes with 3 items.
  • Lunch boxes contain a protein source and a veggie. Example chicken and broccoli.
  • Dinner boxes contain a protein source, a veggie, and a carb. Example of carbohydrate: sweet potatoes, white potato, rice, bread.
  • When to eat these meals is up to you as long as one of each are eaten daily. Time frame does not matter but our advice is to have eaten all of your meals before 8 or 9 pm. Food times should be spaced out evenly to help you stay fuller longer. If you remain hungry, please keep us informed.
  • Feel free to apply low calorie or calorie free sauces to any of your meals. Want extra? Let us know through e-mail or social media.



  • As far as eating your snack, again, that is up to you. Save it for when you’re wanting to cheat but need to stay on track. Examples of snack time:
  • Mid morning or late afternoon snack
  • Pre or post workout snack
  • Bedtime snack


TIPS ON EATING YOUR PROTEIN SNACK: Any baked items such as protein cookies or protein bars are better if you heat them in the microwave for 10-15 secs.

FROZEN FOOD: If you are a weekend pickup or get behind on your pickup day, your meals will be frozen for preservation. Re-heating your food should be done with a small cup of water in the microwave along with your box of food, lip open. Your food is brought to temperature when it is steaming.

Good Luck! For any questions, requests, or concerns please contact us via Facebook or e-mail